Water Department


Checking For Leaks

Check all toilets and faucets. Leaky toilets and faucets are the biggest cause of wasted water resulting in large bills.  The most common source of leaks is the toilet. Check toilets for leaks by placing a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If after 15 minutes the dye shows up in the bowl, the toilet has a leak.  Leaky toilets can usually be repaired inexpensively. Toilets can account for almost 30% of all indoor water use, more than any other fixture or appliance.


Paying your bill

Payments may be made by mail, or at the following locations:

Billing Office: Municipal Building 119 N. 7th St.,

Drop box location: South side of Municipal Building in the alley at drive thru window.

Two stores that will only accept payments made on time:

Discount Drugmart and Commercial Savings Bank.

You may also pay by phone by calling 419-294-3863


NOW ACCEPTING!!  Credit Cards (Visa-Mastercard-Discover)


View My Bill 


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 Application for automatic withdrawal   (  From Checking Account )


Application for automatic payment ( From Debit/Credit Card )



We are unable to process your payment through the website; however we now offer automatic withdrawal from your checking account or autopay from your Debit/Credit Card.
Please contact the water office for an authorization agreement form. (419-294-3863)



Bulk Water Station


Location:  155 Indian Mill Drive Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Bulk Water Station Accepts: $0.25, $1.00, $5.00 and $20.00

The Machine does not give change.

A Third option of payment is to stop at the water office and recieve a pre-paid debit card.

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