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The City of Upper Sandusky will be collecting all recycling weekly on your regular scheduled garbage day. Curbside recycling collection service is provided to all residents eligible for the city’s trash collection service.  The recyclables are processed at the Wyandot County Recycling Center

Please use the Red recycling bins to alert our crews. We ask that you at least purchase one Red bin. You may use other additional containers as well.

Please sort items for the recycling crew.

We do not accept cardboard on the residential route due to the amount of space on our truck. However you may take it to the Wyandot County Recycling Center yourself or the Wyandot County EMS-EMA located at 401 N. Warpole St.


Recyclables include:

Newspapers and Magazines: need to be bagged and placed beside your container. Wet newspapers and magazines can not be recycled.

Glass jars and bottles: remove metal or plastic lids, caps and rings clear, green and brown, rinse clean, paper labels are acceptable, no mirrors, ceramics, light bulbs, window glass or ovenware accepted.

Plastic Bottles #1 and #2: Soda pop, Detergent and Milk/Water Jugs: Remove caps, rinse clean, may be flattened to save space. No other plastic such as plastic bags, toys, wide mouth or other containers.

Aluminum Beverage Cans: Rinse clean. May be flattened to save space.

Steel Food Cans: Rinse clean. No aerosol cans. May be flattened to save space. Additional recycling bins available at: The Water Office for $9.00.  Upper Sandusky Water Department: 419-294-3863


More Information about Recycling