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Message from the Chief of Police

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Upper Sandusky Police Department page and to thank you on behalf of the men and women of this department for visiting our page. The Upper Sandusky Police Department is comprised of thirteen full time officers and approximately ten auxiliary/reserve officers. The department also has four full time dispatchers and one part time dispatcher. Upper Sandusky is the county seat of Wyandot County, located northwest of Columbus and Southeast of Toledo along State Route 23.

The men and women of the Upper Sandusky Police Department strive to provide an outstanding quality of life for our citizens and visitors through a community oriented approach. As our mission statement indicates, the department “embodies a community based philosophy that empowers all personnel of the Upper Sandusky Police Department and members of the community to share in the responsibility of solving problems and maintaining a safe community.” We seek to establish and maintain a safe community through our normal everyday patrol tactics and also our special programs.

On behalf of the City of Upper Sandusky and the Police Department, thank you for your interest in our website and community. Please feel free to contact the department should you have comments or questions at jlucas@uppersanduskypolice.org.

Mission Statement

The Upper Sandusky Police Department is committed to providing quality service and fostering partnerships with all citizens and visitors through ongoing, daily, direct and positive contacts. We are committed to being responsive to community needs, enhancing mutual trust and reducing crime through pro-active policing. Our mission embodies a community based philosophy that empowers all personnel of the Upper Sandusky Police Department and members of the community to share in the responsibility of solving problems and maintaining a safe community.

Core Values

Respect—we will respect the constitutional, legal and human rights of all persons regardless of any bias or perceptions.

Integrity—integrity is expected both in performances of duty and in our personal lives. We shall conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty and professionalism at all times.

Enthusiasm—personnel shall display enthusiasm in the performance of their duty.

Courage—courage is expected not only in the face of danger but also the courage to do the right thing at the right time.

Persistence—personnel will apply themselves to the mission, vision, and goals of the department with such persistence as to achieve success in attaining those expectations.

Courtesy—courtesy shall be extended to all citizens, co-workers, and peers without fault.

Cooperation—cooperation shall be afforded between co-workers and external agencies so as to cultivate working relationships with all. We shall cooperate together to solve problems, share workloads, and take responsibility for completing tasks.

Service—service is demonstrated through the commitment to helping others, through personal sacrifice and teamwork, along with constant improvement of one’s self and the Police Department.

Divisions & Special Duties

Tasked with the investigation of major felony and narcotics investigations. The detective is in charge of all major felony scenes which include the interview of suspects and victims, evidence collection, and maintaining the evidence room.

School Resource Officer
Tasked with being the liaison between the Upper Sandusky Exempted Village Schools and the Upper Sandusky Police Department. The SRO conducts educational and informative programs at the schools including the Third Grade Safety Belt program, a “Sexting” program, Shop With a Cop, and a Drug Awareness program among others.

Canine Unit
Tasked with normal patrol functions however the position is also tasked with detecting and apprehending illegal narcotics traffickers; tracking criminal suspects, missing persons, and lost children; and providing public relations appearances and demonstrations.

Bicycle Patrol
Tasked with normal patrol functions however they are also expected to patrol the areas that are not able to be patrolled in a vehicle. Bicycle patrol officers also perform an integral part of the community oriented approach to law enforcement in that ey are also expected to make individual contacts with persons and businesses throughout the community.

Crisis Intervention Officers
These officers have been specially trained to deal with persons who are experiencing a mental health crisis. The officers went through an intensive forty-hour course which dealt with recognizing mental illness, medications, and de-escalating techniques to be used. There is currently at least one officer per shift trained in CIT.

Public Records Policy

It is the policy of the Upper Sandusky Police Department that openness leads to a better informed and an improved working relationship with its citizens. Public records held by this agency shall be made accessible to the public and media by all members of the Upper Sandusky Police Department.

It is the policy of this department to strictly adhere to the requirements of Ohio’s Public Records Law (ORC Section 149.43). The rule in Ohio is that public records are the people’s records, and that the officials in whose custody they happen to be are merely trustees for the people.

All exemptions to openness are to be construed in their narrowest sense and any denial of a public records request shall be accompanied by an explanation, including the legal authority by which the document is being withheld.

Security and Access / Hours of Operation

Records pertaining to the technical aspects of the Upper Sandusky Police Department (Calls for Service Reports, Accident Reports, Arrest Records and similar records) shall be accessible to all members of the Upper Sandusky Police Department during all hours of operation and therefore available to the public.

Records pertaining to individual officers (Disciplinary Records, Personnel Files, Training and Education Files and similar records) shall be maintained by the Mayor’s Office and all requests for such information shall be directed to the Mayor during regular business hours (M-F, 08:00-16:00 Hrs).

Records that will not be released

  • Confidential law enforcement investigatory records
  • Peace officer residential and familial information
  • Records the release of which is prohibited by state or federal law
  • Any documents or information generated through LEADS, NORIS and/or NCIC, and OHLEG.
  • Social Security numbers, dates of birth and driver license numbers.
  • Medical records.
  • Records that a judge ordered to be sealed per a statute



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