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Learn to Swim

Harrison Smith Park is offering swim lessons


Level 1: Learning to float on tummy, float on back, hold breath 10 seconds, blow bubbles under water. Push off wall with feet and glide on front with arms out. Push off wall and
glide on back. On front and back with a flutter kick, turn head to breath.

Level 2: Put arms, legs and rhythmic breathing together to create the front crawl. Learning arms and putting with flutter kick on back for the back crawl. Being able to jump in deep water and swim to the side. Doggy paddling NOT allowed.

Level 3: Improving Front crawl. Improving back crawl. Learn the Elementary Back Stroke.Learning how to dive in deep water. Must be able to swim across the deep end to move on to Level 4.

Level 4: Improve Front Crawl, improve Back Crawl, improve Elementary Back Stroke. Learn Side Stroke. Learn Breast Stroke. Learn surface dive. Standing front dive. Must be able
To swim across and back the whole deep end. Swim underwater. Turns.

Level 5: Strokes should be smooth and efficient, working to build endurance. Tuck, Pike and Feet First surface dives. Standing and bounce dives. Float for 5 minutes.

Level 6: All strokes smooth and efficient. Good endurance. Swim 500 yards non-stop. Beginner lifesaving skills: Approach stroke, inverted scissors kick, stride jump, shallow
Dive. Tow victim with rescue tube. Surface dives. Swim underwater.

swim_form_2023.pdf (243.29 KB)