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US EPA has finalized a new rule, Public Notification Requirements for Combined Sewer Overflows to the Great Lakes (83 FR 712) (CSO Public Notice Rule), published January 8, 2018 effective February 7, 2018 to establish public notification requirements for combined sewer discharges to the Great Lakes Basin. The rule applies to all permitted NPDES discharges in the Great Lakes Basin that have combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

The City of Upper Sandusky, Ohio (City) is located in Wyandot County which is in the Great Lakes Basin. The City operates a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) located at 155 Indian Mill Drive, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. The WWTP is permitted under the NPDES Program as US EPA permit number OH0020001 and Ohio EPA permit number 2PD000039. The WWTP discharges to the Sandusky River.

There are eight (8) combined sewer overflows in the collection system that discharge to the Sandusky River and unnamed tributaries of the Sandusky River. The City has developed the following CSO Notification Plan in accordance with the requirements

CSO Notification Plan

2020 City of Upper Sandusky Annual CSO Notification Report

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